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Paula Wilson is 60 something going on 10. She seeks out pirate treasure and searches for dragons with her two grandsons at her side. Then writes down her adventures for other ten year olds to share.

When she's not doing that she's writing about Australian women in history. Check out Yesterday's Women on the Bonzerwebsite

Or writing general short stories and other stuff.
All this is done from her home in Melbourne Australia.


My story on female pirate Charlotte Badger was published in  Tasmanian Sacacity.

My short story The Watchers was commended in the Peter Cowan 600 Short Story Competition.
Judge Patrick West's comment - "A man accompanies a cry." This line alone was enough to get me in. Brilliant dissection of how we care or fail to care for others. And one of the few stories to privilege the sense of hearing over the visual. "The sound came first."

I hope to see you again. Check back later for new updates to my website. There's much more to come.
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